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Investment Sales

As an active broker in Washington, West77 Partners provides disposition solutions across multiple market sectors including land, condominiums, office properties, hotels and more.

Due to our active involvement in the operations of the asset, our team provides the critical upfront thinking to make valuation and pricing recommendations, including comparable market studies, cash flow analyses, yield projections, operating statements, and development scenarios. Comprehensive offering memoranda and due diligence packages are prepared to ensure complete and accurate marketing of the asset to potential buyers. The property is brought to market with a strategy customized to our investors objectives whether that be a highly focused approach or a mass market campaign.
Washington Square Condominiums Case Study - Washington Square Condominiums

After individually being part of the development team that constructed the Washington Square Condominiums, West77 Partners has been engaged to run the ongoing disposition program for the remaining unsold condos and townhomes. West77 Partners immediately created its own an onsite sales team, worked with ownership to stage over 15 model home units, launched a new marketing campaign, and negotiated loan agreements giving the project the necessary time to sell inventory during the recession. A $156 Million loan facility has been retired under our disposition strategy while increasing inventory value by over $20 Million. What was once an apparent capital loss due to the recession has now been reformed into a healthy return on original investment.
Trammell Crow - Bellevue, WA Case Study - Land Sale to Trammell Crow

West77 Partners manages the disposition of an entire city block of land owned by BV Holdings in downtown Bellevue, Washington. Due to the high cost of land in Bellevue ($400 - 450 per square foot), only the most specialized of developers qualify to purchase the land. West77 Partners orchestrated the offering and managed the negotiation process with Trammell Crow. The transaction included multiple complex issues from building set back requirements to road sharing agreements that had to be negotiated into the transactional documents. West77 Partners successfully closed the $24 Million transaction with Trammell Crow and continues to manage post closing details related to Trammell Crow's 462,000 square foot office tower being constructed on the land.

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